Between Rock and a Soft Place
Blue Valley's first CD includes twelve songs by Joan Maso and Tim Holly.

Joan Maso: vocals, guitar, piano, congas, percussion   
Tim Holly: vocals, guitars, harmonica
Al Jordan: Basss
Dave Tarlowe
: Electric guitars
Vic Goldinak: Drums and percussion
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The Songs: Lyrics and Listen
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One Good Thing 

Help Make This Dream Reality 

That's Where My Rainbows Are Found 

In The Dance 

Rainbow On My Doorstep ***

Everybody Needs a Friend Like You

No Tears No Cry 

Why Must You Go? 

In Your Arms 

The Road That Leads Me Here 

Give Her a Guardian Angel 

The Little Child Within

All songs by Joan Maso, or Tim Holly 
except*** by Joan Maso and Tim Holly

The Songs: Lyrics and Listen
One Good Thing (Tim Holly copyright 2010)
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I've been looking for one good thing just
One good thing that's all I need babe.
All I need is just one good thing,
One thing will see me through.
I've been searching but there's no need,
'cause what I need is right beside me,
By my side each and every night, one thing is right, it's true.
My one good thing is you.

I've been having me one of those days, seven days in a row
Last week wasn't much better, next week - who knows?
When it feels like it's tumblin' down,
Crashing and crumbling around my feet,
If I can find me just one good thing
It won't feel like complete defeat. So… (chorus)

Don't give into self-pity. Don't fall into regret.
Grab your one thing and hold on tight 'cause
What you seize is what you get.
In the midst of a hard-fought day, In the dark of the night.
I'm gonna follow that one light home,
That one star still shines so bright.
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Help Make This Dream Reality (Joan Masocopyright 2010)
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I'm not asking for the stars and all their wonder.
I'm not asking for the earth beneath my feet, no no.
I'm not asking for lightning and thunder
Im just asking for a little light to help me make it through this night.

The world is full of clouds and delusions
You have your wishes they get stolen away
You've got to live the fight and find yourself some new ones
You've got to find a way, to keep up with the race
I'm just asking you to stay


What is it I have hoped for? What could I attain?
I guess some things you can't explain
But I've fallen into something; strange yet so clear
I just need to hold you near.
Perhaps our paths may never cross again
You could be a vision in my schemes
But you give me insight into dreams I never dared
A comfort I had not forseen
Help make this dream reality (3 times at end)
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That's Where My Rainbows Are Found (Tim Holly copyright 2010)
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I don't blame you and I don't blame me,
Don't claim to know where the blame should be.
But we both agree that we disagree.
You took it out on me; I took it out in my time.
We both got scared and ran away,
afraid of what we might not say
And we both were right in our own way.
You went looking for love I went searching for song.
Yes, I went searching for something I heard
was out there on the road somewhere,
Some un-named season, some untamed reason,
some famed feeling in the air

But I've stopped chasing hoboes and other odd heroes,
Down highways and back roads going around and around.
And I've stopped chasing rainbows except where your love goes
'cause that's where my rainbows are found
I found out when I took that ride
How much I always kept inside.
There was always just one more thing to hide,
One more thing to hold back from you just one more day.
I called you from the road one day, you said,
"Maybe you just better stay away."
I said, "No, I've got just one more thing to say.
When I think of it I'll let you know."
So I hung up the phone and I sat in the dark,
Wondering if you feel like me or worse.
And I hung up my pen 'cause I can't see my way
To writing more meaningless verse. (chorus)

And so you've met another man,
And so my feet have felt the sand,
And so we both have had command
Of who we would be and where we would go.
How does if feel to be away from me?
I never thought I'd say it,
But I don't want to live another day,
Without you beside me to help me to grow.
So if you'll dream with me again,
We can make this new.
And if I ever told you lies,
Well I'll make each lie come true. (chorus)
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In the Dance (Joan Maso copyright 2010)
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We watched her as she danced, as our hearts would break
Across the floor she would glide, as all our dreams were trapped inside
She held us all together, gave us joy we could grasp
The music opened up our eyes, and the dance kept our faith alive

And she dance away the sorrow, she danced away the pain.
She danced away the tears that fell upon our lives in vain
And the dance it brought us hope, the dance it brought us peace.
It found a joy hiding deep inside awaiting its release,
In the dance, in the dance (in the dance, in the dance) (2nd time)

The freedom in formations, the wonder of the stage
Gave us all a little time and space, to think of brighter days
The rhythm and the timing, she never did show any fear
The spins and funk and flips and turns
Took sadness made it disappear.She held us all together, gave us joy we could grasp
The music opened up our eyes, and the dance kept our faith alive.
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Rainbow On My Doorstep (Joan Maso/Tim Holly copyright 2010)  
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There's a Rainbow On My Doorstep.
I don't need to chase it down.
It shows up when I need it most.
Reminds me of the good things I have found.
We can only see the rainbows, when the sun and rain combine.
It's like the beauty in the balance, between sad and happy time
When rain clouds gather there’s no cause to worry;
You can’t persuade the sun to shine.
Take a breath just relax what’s your hurry?
The sun will find it’s own way back each and every time.
When you try but you still come up empty, feeling like you don’t belong.
Notice all those simple pleasures in your life,
They bring us hope again and be there to make us strong. (chorus)

There’s a moonbeam shining through my window,
When a long day turns to face the night.
When it pushes its way through the darkness ,
I can find peace and comfort there in its light.
You can dream of escaping to the sunshine.
You can plan your get-away.
But don't live your life just waiting for that moment,
And miss the smiles that surround you every day. (chorus)

There's a rainbow, there's a moonbeam,
there's a place where the sun will shine
You can see them all around you.
But if don’t look, you'll never find that…

There's a rainbow on your doorstep. You don't need to chase it down
It shows up when you need it most
Reminds you of the good things you have found...
We can only see the rainbows, when the sun and rain combine
It’s like the beauty in the balance, between the sad and happy time.
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Everybody Needs a Friend Like You (Tim Holly copyright 2010)
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Nobody needs the sorrow, nobody needs the pain.
Nobody needs to feel unloved, alone or lost or just a little insane,
But everybody feels that way sometimes, and let me tell you when they do…
Everybody needs a friend like you!

Nobody needs the heartaches. Nobody needs the tears.
But nobody can stop them when they rise like the tide.
You might as well try to hold back the years.
But when it comes down to the drama and the trauma and when those tears break through,
Everybody needs a friend like you

Everybody needs somebody to listen,
who can bring it right back when their smile goes missing.
Sometimes you gotta know what NOT to say,
just stop, let it drop and let 'em walk away

Sometimes you need somebody who's been to the places you have seen.
Someone who can find you; who's there to remind you
of just how good your life can be.
On the same page through the laughter and the rage,
riding out those waves with you.
Everybody needs a friend like you

Everybody needs a comfortable friend, to tell those same old stories again.
Somone tell you if you're right or wrong; someone to help you to sing your song

Everybody needs a friend like you.

You gotta send em a text, give em a call,
shoot out an email or write it on the wall.
It doesn't matter how you let 'em know that it's true… 
Everybody needs a friend like you. (repeat to end)

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No Tears No Cry (Joan Maso copyright 2010) 
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No tears no cry sweet girl. Your heart will learn to take another whirl
No tears no cry bye bye. Your heart will learn to take another try
I know you're lonely and confused, but what's still left inside is you.

Sunflowers, poetry and song, a loving spirit to soar on
Splendid colors you display, your chance for peace will find its wayThe thoughts that swell within your mind, come out in pen to heal with time
It goes on , It goes on, with fairy dust to float (rise) upon
It goes on, life goes on, use 'both hands' and hold on
No tears no cry sweet girl. Your kindness brightens up this world
No tears no cry bye bye. Someday you'll understand why
Imagine what lies ahead of you. Take your palate start anew.
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Why Must You Go? (Tim Holly copyright 2010)
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Like a ruby-diamond bracelet wrapped around the wrist of the night.
These headlights and these tail lights, take me ever further from your sight.
But your memory haunts my mirror, waving wet-eyed, trying to smile good-bye.
And I realize it isn't you I'm running from, it's just your question why.

Why must you go? Where are you going? Can I come along?
This highway's call grows fainter every day.
If I return will I admit that I was wrong,
Or will i break our hearts again and go away?
Dream with me again tonight and make me stay.
Somebody once told me that I bear the curse of a wanderer's soul.
Each time I get to dreaming, I feel those words starting to take hold.
I've heard them in so many songs. I wrote them in so many of my rhymes.
Each time I have to wonder, am I feeling it or just repeating lines. (chorus)

And if none of this makes sense to you,
That's because I am so senseless and alone.
Knowing that a man in love has got no business being on his own.
And I know that I should turn around
And face the place this journey has to end.
And the only thing that stops me is the fear that I will make you ask again. 
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In Your Arms (Joan Maso copyright 2010)
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The pain of betrayal can break the spirit,
Test the faith , steal it away
Loneliness and fear surround me,
Don't know where to turn or what to say

But here in Your arms, I can breathe again
Here in Your arms, I can see, that there is a chance for me
Here in Your arms there's some hope, there is a smile for me.
Cause I've lost so many years, I've lost so many tears, but
Now through Your love , through your love, I can breathe again

There are so many times, so many days,
I doubted your love
How could I loose so much , loose all trust
Thought I'd lost your touch.  (Chorus)

But what have I learned what have I gained.
To follow your love, keeps me sane, keeps me sane(oh sweet sanity) (chorus)

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The Road That Leads Me Here (Tim Holly copyright 2010)
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I've been counting on the stars for luck, but my luck's already here
I'll be singing you a brand new song; it's a song I've sung for years.
Yeah, it's still the same story; I can tell it without fear.
'cause every road that I've gone down is the road that leads me here.

I've been thinking about some times gone by, 'bout
tears and laughter, love and friends.
I've been wondering if I had the choice, would I do some of those things again?
But I know none of that matters now. Now it's finally clear.
'cause every road that I've gone down is the road that leads me here.

Every road has led me here, and here is looking fine.
Some days you're up. Some days you're down.
And just sometimes here can be sublime.

Sometimes dreams get so turned around; they don't look like the same dreams.
Inside out and upside down and somehow losing steam.
But I won't lose sight through the twists and turns so the dreams won't disappear
'cause every road that I've gone down is the road that leads me here.

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Give Her A Guardian Angel (Tim Holly copyright 2010)
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Give her a guardian angel, to watch her while we are apart.
'cause I can't be with her tonight while she sleeps,
But I'll hold her right here in my heart.
Give her a guardian angel, to watch over her from above
Keep her from fear, 'cause as long as we're here,
She'll always have someone to love her.
She'll always have plenty of love.

We've had a dream for a long time,
and now as it comes into view,
I think of the world that she'll face as she grows,
and I wonder how much we can do,
To see that her smiles come often,
and to help when the world calls her bluff.
We'll do all we can and we'll try to do more,
but sometimes it won't be enough. (chorus)

Give her time to smell the flowers and to feel the sun's warm rays,
Let her hear the joyful sound of her own laughter every day.
Let the taste of tears of joy be the only tears she knows.
And let her see our love get stronger as she grows
There's so many dreams I have for her, and so much I want her to see.
And it scares me to know that sometimes I'll fail to be all that she wants me to be.
But I'll try to be there when she needs me;
I'll try to know what's wrong and what's right.
To know when to hold her and when to let go
So she'll find her own wings and take flight. (chorus)
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The Little Child Within (Joan Maso copyright 2010)
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Fairy tales and pony rides carry you to distant shores
Where mermaids glide across the waves
And seashells sparkle evermore
You're grown up now, you must be brave
You see where you have been
But there's no shame when you embrace
The little child within.

Starlight comes says take my hand, together we will fly
Above The Moon and thru the clouds
The chocolate factory passes by
The time has come, you must be strong
It's your berth now, it's your concern
You play life's game you know it well
But for those fantasies you yearn

You're saved by the bell these days when problems arise
Life's struggles won't disappear but Imagination stirs surprise.

Fairy tales and pony rides carry you to distant shores
Were mermaids glide across the waves,
And seashells sparkle evermore
You land back home, the bills are due,
You hear the neighbors fight
The dogs are begging for you time,
But everything will be alright.

Cause, fairy tales and pony rides will carry you to distant shores
Where mermaids glide across the waves
and seashells sparkle evermore... seashells sparkle evermore.

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